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The "best" method is obviousely any action plan that one can afford to spend time and money on. I use media blasting because it is cheap and local. Dipping is great if you can afford it and it is readily available. I use compressed air to clean, followed by a solvent wash. I work wherever possible, from the exterior in, as I like to seal out moisture so I can verify the interior stays dry before I apply finish to the interior. I can complete a vehicle and drive it without much of the interior being completed. That way my method is proven and the interior is leak free before I seal it up and complete the interior package.

Brad, what about the exterior? That is where most of your moisture and road salts are coming from. What have you done to the bottom of your bed and cab? I know it is painful and if its a driveable vehicle, it is just plain not practicle, but you have to ackowledge you haven't yet solved your problem. You have only bought time and beauty. The rust devil is still lurking about is it not?

I have wote and posted my thoughts on rust prevention in a new thread for those that are in it for the long haul. And it is no easy task with no sure path to victory
against this elusive enemy.


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