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Under the truck rust isn't as bad as in the bed or in the cab (there was a water leak in there and water was pooling up; plust there was pile of rocks/pebbles under the vents that were trapping moisture in the cab!!). I'll eliminate the elusive rust enemy under the truck once it gets warmer out. I'll prolly do it in sections at a time so I won't have bare metal exposed to fog & high humidity for too long.

I've already redone the front undertray and front swaybar; and sprayed the undertray with nice matching Lawn Green enamel and 2 coats of clear. Sway bar got light blue paint and 2 coats of clear, matching it's original color. I think it's a Suspension Techniques 1 1/8" bar.

I wanted to get the bed interior done before the rain starts here in Los Angeles, and I did the cab interior while it was warm out.

For under the truck, I'll prolly use the angle grinder with knot wire wheel again and the Por-15 treatment. I might try the rust killer in your other post nwaco, I'm always looking for some thing better. Thanks! Some sort of undercoating is a good idea too.

Truck body is a different story. Not a lot of body rust, but enough to warrant stripping some areas down to the metal. I'll do this in the spring/summer when it's warm with low humidity in an attempt to keep moisture away from bare metal/just primered metal. I'll use Plasticote "Anti-Rust Primer" on the body. It's thicker and seals out moisture better than normal cheap primer.



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