Re: [REPU] new member, Hi!

Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 15:07:51 PDT

Before I break anything working on it, what is gold on these guys?
Hard parts?
Or gaskets?
What about door rubber and window seals?
Any smog experts out there?
I see refference to an oil line goig to the carb float bowl, what is this
What is the best manual, oem?
Is it on a cd?
Thanks again, Bill

At 09:53 PM 8/15/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>Greetings--and congratulations! You're a very lucky guy to get one gifted to
>you...esp. w./ the header & holley. Definitely, five-speed it! Even just a
>'79-'80 rx-7 one will do. Parts: same year(s) courier for some, rx-4's and
>7's for others--and then those that are made of pure 'unobtainium'... If you
>want to add an AC and give up some of that power to it, I do have one of the
>original 'dealer aftermarket' units that I would part with...
>Happy Wankling! --Klaus
>>Subject: Re: [REPU] new member, Hi!
>>Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 14:04:29 -0700
>>Hello all.
>>I have just earned my membership by being gifted a 75 REPU.
>>It has a 650holley double pumper on it and a header. No A/c, and an
>>I drove it a while ago but it needed a brake job and passed on buying it.
>>Lil' guy really barks!
>>Now the problem is identifying the aftermarket manufacturer for parts and
>>service and tuning tips and smog.
>>It has no cat.
>>Will adding a cat kill the power?
>>Am I waisting my time here?
>>what are these things going for realistically?
>>Thanks in advance for your thoughts and contributions to my dilemma.
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