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I have a Mazda Shop Manual and I would not recommend the Chilton or Hayes
manuals, you don't get the in depth exploded views or instruction. Try they might have a factory manual I got mine from
them w/electrical schematics. Pretty much the entire vehicle is gold but
don't let that put you off. The line that runs to the carb is in fact an
oil line coming from the Oil Metering Pump to the carb, the oil keeps the
apex seals lubed. These often can go bad and are $$$ to fix. Around $200
for the part alone not to mention labor if you don't do it yourself. Check
it for leaks often. Also you can not get the Air Check Valve anymore
either, from any source that I know of. It's the valve on the pass. side
that has lines to the carb and the Air Pump if it goes bad smog will be
impossible to pass. Telltale signs that it's bad will be the truck
backfires upon deceleration. It's been a while since I've worked on either
of these bad boys but it's all coming back to me! hahaha


p.s. Here's a guys site that loves these too!

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Before I break anything working on it, what is gold on these guys?
Hard parts?
Or gaskets?
What about door rubber and window seals?
Any smog experts out there?
I see refference to an oil line goig to the carb float bowl, what is this
What is the best manual, oem?
Is it on a cd?
Thanks again, Bill

At 09:53 PM 8/15/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>Greetings--and congratulations! You're a very lucky guy to get one gifted
>you...esp. w./ the header & holley. Definitely, five-speed it! Even just a
>'79-'80 rx-7 one will do. Parts: same year(s) courier for some, rx-4's and
>7's for others--and then those that are made of pure 'unobtainium'... If
>want to add an AC and give up some of that power to it, I do have one of
>original 'dealer aftermarket' units that I would part with...
>Happy Wankling! --Klaus
>>Subject: Re: [REPU] new member, Hi!
>>Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 14:04:29 -0700
>>Hello all.
>>I have just earned my membership by being gifted a 75 REPU.
>>It has a 650holley double pumper on it and a header. No A/c, and an
>>I drove it a while ago but it needed a brake job and passed on buying it.
>>Lil' guy really barks!
>>Now the problem is identifying the aftermarket manufacturer for parts and
>>service and tuning tips and smog.
>>It has no cat.
>>Will adding a cat kill the power?
>>Am I waisting my time here?
>>what are these things going for realistically?
>>Thanks in advance for your thoughts and contributions to my dilemma.
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