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Wow, thanks.
whats a cosmo tranny?

At 02:31 PM 8/15/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>There aren't many sources for parts unless you get them from a junk yard,
>and believe me I've scoured them all! Aftermarket stuff can be had from
>Racing Beat or MazdaTrix, but don't count on body parts. Adding a high flow
>cat will not kill the power that much but right now I'm running the Thermal
>Reactor straight to muffler, yes the 3 chamber Flow-Master is not going to
>last long but it's stainless and well made so it will be good for a little
>while. Power is nice but the biggest difference I've noticed is slapping on
>the header. I ran a Racing Beat Road Race front section (dual in/out) to
>straight pipes to dual Flow-Masters. Sounded pretty frikken good IMHO! But
>if you like the old school look you'd go dual Super-Turbos out the back on
>the same side. As far as value, I don't care what Kelly Blue Book says,
>it's priceless to me but I think 3k is not asking too much for a really
>decent one.
>You might think about doing a manual conversion. You can get a '76 Cosmo
>tranny to pop right in, it has a great ratio and was one of the heartiest.
>You just need to remove the x-member and have it moved back. Punch out the
>pedal cutout and get a master cylinder and lines.
>For what it's worth,
>2-'74 REPU's
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>Hello all.
>I have just earned my membership by being gifted a 75 REPU.
>It has a 650holley double pumper on it and a header. No A/c, and an
>I drove it a while ago but it needed a brake job and passed on buying it.
>Lil' guy really barks!
>Now the problem is identifying the aftermarket manufacturer for parts and
>service and tuning tips and smog.
>It has no cat.
>Will adding a cat kill the power?
>Am I waisting my time here?
>what are these things going for realistically?
>Thanks in advance for your thoughts and contributions to my dilemma.
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