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There aren't many sources for parts unless you get them from a junk yard,
and believe me I've scoured them all! Aftermarket stuff can be had from
Racing Beat or MazdaTrix, but don't count on body parts. Adding a high flow
cat will not kill the power that much but right now I'm running the Thermal
Reactor straight to muffler, yes the 3 chamber Flow-Master is not going to
last long but it's stainless and well made so it will be good for a little
while. Power is nice but the biggest difference I've noticed is slapping on
the header. I ran a Racing Beat Road Race front section (dual in/out) to
straight pipes to dual Flow-Masters. Sounded pretty frikken good IMHO! But
if you like the old school look you'd go dual Super-Turbos out the back on
the same side. As far as value, I don't care what Kelly Blue Book says,
it's priceless to me but I think 3k is not asking too much for a really
decent one.

You might think about doing a manual conversion. You can get a '76 Cosmo
tranny to pop right in, it has a great ratio and was one of the heartiest.
You just need to remove the x-member and have it moved back. Punch out the
pedal cutout and get a master cylinder and lines.

For what it's worth,
2-'74 REPU's

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Hello all.
I have just earned my membership by being gifted a 75 REPU.
It has a 650holley double pumper on it and a header. No A/c, and an
I drove it a while ago but it needed a brake job and passed on buying it.
Lil' guy really barks!
Now the problem is identifying the aftermarket manufacturer for parts and
service and tuning tips and smog.
It has no cat.
Will adding a cat kill the power?
Am I waisting my time here?
what are these things going for realistically?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts and contributions to my dilemma.

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