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I got Dunlop GT Qualifier 235/60/14 and they don't rub anything. Nice wide tire for grip and thick sidewalls for comfort but not tall mushy 70 series. Wheels are spoked steel rims I just stripped and repainted white.

74 and 75 have 4.62 rear. Jack up rear end. Turn driveshaft by hand. It should take 4.62 turns of driveshaft for rear wheels to make one revolution. You can check tranny gears same way. Input shaft revolutions vs output shaft.

I have a 79-80 Rx7 5 speed and that fifth gear really helps out on the freeway. Even then revs are a little high but hey, rotaries make their peak power up high and can take some revs. The 79-80 trans is the right length so driveshaft and shifter will slide right in there without cutting. You will need to make a little steel plate for the trans to mount to the crossmember, no biggie. Speedo gear is all wrong. I would like a REPU speedo gear to slide in there and be a close match but don't have one to try out!


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