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For all of you who are using the "Rhino lining" or a similar method of "sealing" the interior of the truck be advised of a very serious side effect. Corrosion and rust. Not from the inside, but from the outside.

My day job is as a specialist in corrosion protection for commercial aircraft. I see more examples for metal corrosion and fatigue on a weekly basis than many see in a lifetime. We in the industry protect metal by keeping the main element in the process, moisture and salt, away from the metal. This is usually accomplished by use of a coating system, usually paint.

Now, for those of you who apply a coating of anything on the inside to look nice and protect, remember one thing, you are protecting your truck from moisture that comes from the inside. If you choose to do nothing to stop moisture from penetrating the nooks and crannies and seams from the outside, the moisture will invade the seams from the outside and start the rusting process under your nice new coating. The problem never shows itself until it starts "lifting and bubbling" the paint and by then it is too late.

My suggestion and the method I am choosing for my trucks, (one at a time, mind you) is to pressure clean, then media blast the entire assembly, then dry completely. I will then coat the entire assembly with a seam penetrating rust conversion coating. I will then apply a complete spray coating of an undercoating system followed by the interior application of the "bituthene" sound deadening sheets.

The key is to keep moisture out of the seams, and you can not do an effective job from the interior. The primary protective measure must be from the exterior. Period.


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