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Just might be a bit beyond my talents, tho... but it's already been a while since I ran the idea of a custom, old-school mazda logo millefiore cane past a buddy of mine who makes those kinds of things...(for the uninitiated, a millefiore--Italian for 'thousand flowers'--is a method whereby an image is constructed, and shrunk down in size, allowing slices of it to be used--and magnified--in further work to the effect of great detail.) There are a number of other options for a rotor/logo image as well... a laser-cut dichroic image (2-dimensional) is one... while we're dreaming, a custom REPU logo wouldn't be entirely out of the question, either! Again, it's just a question of which particular version(s) become cost-effective with a committment to how many units...
Like I said before, if we can nail down the preferred insert to attach to the lever with, it could be epoxied into the glass knob...


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