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Shooooot, hook that up!!!


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Hey All,
Although I'm new to the forum, I may be able to offer some insight on this
topic. My brother is a CNC Machinist and I had him custom build my battery
tray, for my 74 REPU. We removed the factory Iron Clad and used a high
grade Aluminum (don't catch me lying about just what grade). If I remember
right it is 1/4 inch, and although I thought at first that wouldn't be thick
enough, big bro proved me wrong. Anyways, I'm at work and don't have any
picts, but I'll try to post some ASAP, maybe a couple days. If there is
enough interest I may be able to see if he's willing to build some more, and
how much he wants. It basically follows the stock layout, with a full lid,
rather than the top sides notched for the posts. We resolved the
possibility of it shorting off the lid by placing a rod across the top of
the battery, that slides through CNC punched holes in either side. Also it
has a solid top with a wrap over lid, which uses a Keyed Lock (two piece, a
strap bolted to the fro!
nt face, which hinges down.) It also has CNC punched 3/8" holes on each
side and the bottom, to allow for cooling and debris drainage. It has a
satin polish and is clear coated. Anyways I know I've rattled your ears off
and at times made you think "HUH?" so I'll stop now, and post picts later,
but if anyone sounds interested, post here and I'll see what I can come up

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