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The loudness or the tinny'ness is coming from the cheap ass pipes that the muff shops use. They suck period. get the RB pipes...nice and thick, and adds a few pounds to the truck but who cares, the thing is heavy already. Everytime i used that cheap stuff, it lasted barely one year and there were holes all over it. The mufflers last a weeks of freeway driving. The primaflows are good but thry don't breath like the turbos like the dynomax or flowmaster. Dyno sounds sweet for a good few months. Flowmasters are just plain obnoxious even with 4 of those RB pre-silencers. Duals do sound cool though but maybe cross it over in the middle to mix up the sound a bit. I know a guy that did dual 22" dynomax and 4 resinators but did not run the spare under the bed. This setup was the best sounding IMHO. Super long primaries and uncrossed. Flames galore.

My current 74 primaries reach the rear axle with two RB silencers, collected into 2.5" pipe and over the axle then into a 26" dynomax stainless and 90 bend to the right side(bends help keep sound down too). Kinda loud but not too bad.


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