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just a heads up to the forum:
got: 75 white with some rust surface and blisters near windshield right lower corner that gets into the fender. also rust on door jam bottom toward front like all the trucks on this side of the US. Doesn't pass smog because of header...got all the smog I think? air pump is frozen(headers been on for two years. Engine is old, 8 years(HARD miles, I like 9 grand!) or so since I rebuilt it. standard ports, electronic dizzy, stock 4sp, stock rims no beauty rings or caps, black seat(white one was dust, black one is not much better). Radiator is a year and half old recore, back bumper is not stock but beefy with hitch. the front end was done last year by me and only have a few hundred on the rebuild(everything!ball,bearings,pitman yada yada) as well as the brakes(all four wheel cylinders in rear and new calipers on front.

Smokey but will still start and run no prob. I start it and fog the block every month or so. hasn't been registered since lst october. I was going to gut it and save the frame and other useful parts

Basically used and abused and I have a 74 I want to keep so wife says git that sh!t out of here. Glad she doesn't know about my two rx4's hiding at my friends house.

Truck is Cali (bay area, nor-cal). I just want to recover the parts I replaced with some depreciation of course, $500 or make offer.

...other wise...into the crusher it goes...I feel bad since it is the second mazda that I have had that might end up in the metal hopper...

Contact me (dann) at dann@excelonline.com. I will send pics if you are interested...


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