[REPU] Board Post Reply: will a 80\'s rx7 engine fit in a 77\' repu?

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Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 22:15:48 PST

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you gotta watch the oil pan, it can't hit the crossmember. and everyone i talk to say to use the repu front cover.

i have heard of 12a's being put in repus but you're obviously missing out on hp and torque. you'd be much better off putting a proper 4 port 13b back in there. it CAN be done. if you autocross twice a year you can get mazda parts at COST, including motor parts. ergo a +new+ block can be purchased for around $1000!!!!!


this friday i talked to a friend's wife who works at the dmv and she said she was read an offical dmv memo saying it'll be a 29 year smog exemption in california, therefore the 74's will be exempt next year (2003). yippie@$! this hasn't been publicly released yet.


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