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Well I replaced the stock engine to engine mount ground cable and the real small engine to body ground wire with new 4 gauge cables. Increased voltage at the battery but didnt fix the gauges going out.

This weekend I removed the fuse box, cleaned it off with brake cleaner, got out the cordless drill with wire wheel and grinded all the metal contacts on the fuse box until they were nice and shiny.

Then I noticed some yahoo had spliced the brake light switch + feed into the solid red power wire for the headlight switch. Goofball. So I got rid of that splice and ran a 12 gauge wire to an available not used constantly on bat connection on the fuse box to the + brake light switch feed. Voila~ now brake lights work again. Stock gauges including tach works. But the damn headlights and parking lights don't work. They went out about a week ago. Anyone got ideas? Of course I am concerned that there was an available not used connection on the fuse box, someone has messed with the wiring on my REPU but that's the way it goes.


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