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Date: Wed Oct 30 2002 - 17:48:25 PST

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>From my understanding, there is little to no source for REPU parts less the engine/brake replaceables. Let's face it guys, with a total production run of maybe 15000 units, take away the accident totals, rusted away hulks, and stashed away unknowns, we're on our own. There is probably 3000+/- units at best left in the world, and no company is going to produce squat for us. If we want it, we need to get together and produce it. Body panels are only getting harder and harder to get, because if we get an original part, some other truck is now off the road for good.

Those of us that need the parts, we need to get together and make them. We need to find out what we have and what we need and make a plan to help each other get as many of our cars back in show/running condition because it is the only way to each get what we need.

Remember guys, we are the only ones who are going to help each other, The cavalry is NOT on the way.


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