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   Im looking for information similar to what jeff20b sent me. Links to people who have done the swaps. Or first hand knowledge of the swap. Heres why: I've been told the motor mounts will work all I need is longer hardware to bolt the 13b into the B2000, I've also been told the spindles from the RX7 are a direct bolt on ( I have no clue if they are or not). I've got pictures of a rear end swap that I can use for the basis of mine.
   Basically I want a mazda mini truck with some power and handling because I love mazda's this is my third B series mini, Im just tired of searching for anything to make the tired Bseries motors stronger. So, I bought an 87 Turbo II donor car and Im waiting patiently to find someone that may be able to give me pointers and or a lil coaching on do's and dont's of this swap.

 Thanks for your help


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