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I was just perusing the archives (hey its that or actually do something while I'm here at work! :) and I noticed the discussion on rear-disc conversions.

I don't have a REPU yet, but when I get one, I'd want to be able to tow my seven on a car hauler with it (track, shop, track, bodyshop, track, shop... notice a pattern here? :) and two things that would really help with towing I would think are:

#1) BRAKES! I once saw some poor shmose pushed out into an intersection because he couldn't stop the extra weight.

#) LSD: it just seems like having euqal distriubution to both wheels would help with towing a lot. Someone please help me out here if I'm wrong.

Anyway I saw all the discussions on FOrd 9" rears with brake conversions, etc which seem difficult to source and expensive to boot. I wondered if anyone knew how well the rear end out of an '85 RX-7 GSL-SE would work.

Also what's involved in changing lugs (4 or 5 to the 6 for the REPU)? I'm pretty certain that RX-7 Rear is a 4-lug but it may be five. Plus as popular as the 1st gens are you might have more choice on rear end gearing as there's something of an aftermarket available for these cars still.

I'd be intersted in hearing anyone's thoughts on these matters, because its one fo the major upgrades I'd like for any REPU I do get. You can never have too much brakes :)


'91 RX-7 Cabrio
A REPU, soon I hope.


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