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Some previous owner (PO) must have added the hood emblem. What style of tailgate do you have? Does it have the word MAZDA imprinted in the sheet metal? If so, it is from a B1600. If it just has two horizontal 'body lines' (you know, for extra stiffness to prevent flexing of the tailgate) without the stock ROTARY POWER stickers, then it's either been repainted or the PO removed them. What a boinger brain lol! Anyway, there is an outfit that does quality aftermarket vinyl decals for our trucks. Mine had the long decal that ran from front to back, but the retard PO removed them (and did a horrible job!). I'll be getting those decals after I repaint mine; whenever that is.

You have a website, right? You could upload the pics there and link them to diplay on this forum with the {img} tags (use the [ brackets, not the {). You could also go to the photo section and upload a couple pics and link em so they'll appear in this thread as well. I'll demonstrate with a pic I uploaded here a while back:


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