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[quote]Welcome! Ask away in whichever forum seems appropriate.[/quote]
I'll take you up on that, Mr. Moderator. I am not too sure where my questions belong, though I should being a moderator on protege5.com . :)

Here's my issue: All the pics of REPUs I have seen so far don't quite match some of the things my 74 has.

First, mine has some weird hood ornament that I don't even know if it is a Mazda emblem-it's an eagle of some sort.

Second, why does mine not have "Rotary Power" on the tailgate?

The paint/body panels all seem to be original and the original paint (yellow) is oxidized the same over the whole truck. Oh, this is not my first resto project. :)

Is there a way to post pics here to show what I am talking about?



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