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REPUJeff has the crossover book...I have a bunch of part #'s...let me see here...looks like transmission case part #'s are identical for the 5speed for rx3, rx4, and cosmo for 1976...with a different part # for them for 77/78. No mention for the 5speed prior to 76. REPU has a different 5speed tranny case part#, but with no mention of for what years...
  Auto. trans. case part# listed as identical for rx3,4,cosmo,REPU for 1975...with a different # for '76-78 for all. A quick scan of some of the other auto. trans particulars reveals internals may differ somewhat from year to year/ model to model--and whether 'early' or 'late' model year... (this may or may not be at all significant).
  "Propeller Shaft and Joints":
rx4, '75--175825100A
Cosmo, exc--124325100
 Auto trans-885425100
REPU '75-'76--185625100A

Universal Joint:

rx4, cosmo--175789251
REPU --070689251

No further differences listed by this part # smorgasboard... draw yer own conclusions..."when in doubt, measure twice"...
Remember the differeces in driveshafts might not mean they don't mate up fine. Hope this helps!


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