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[quote]Roughly how long would it take to reassemble once all the parts are ready and I have all the seals and gaskets. [/quote]

[b]The best race engine I ever had was assembled in about 45 minutes.On Thursday afternoon. Friday afternoon, we were travelling to the first of eleven straight wins in SCCA competition. I ruined it by over reving it, to maybe 13,000 rpm? (!) My bad. :-( That engine set event records that still haven't been beat!!!

But every thing has to be totally ready!. Everything spec'd out, everything clean! Super clean! Use Vaseline to hold rotor seals in place. Rotors should be pre built. I use a Pematex white sealant on my water o'rings. I'll try to look and post the number of the sealer tomorrow.

Follow the instructions in the manual, and you should be good to go. If you have the opportunity, ake a coupe engines aprt first to learn whats up. It's not hard to do, just follow the procedures.



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