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[b]I'm guessin the average inspection guy has no idea what he's lookin at! Especially when they see a Rotary! Do you think he has any idea what a "thermal reactor" or an "air control valve" or a "heat exchanger" is? Or what it looks like?

Just as long as it looks like it has smog stuff, and it passes the sniffers, ya ought not have a problem!

Run good gas! I only run Amoco Ultimate. Burns real clean! A little more money, but your engines will like you for it.

Hide the headers under a heat shield. I use the stock ones, if possible. It also helps keep the under hood heat down.

Use a stock air pump. Use any good cat with air injection. I used a cat from an RX-7 because it bolted to the modified Racing Beat exhaust I use, in place of the Racing Beat pre-silencer. HP loss is negligeable on the street. Run a hose from the air pump to the air injection to the cat, tune it right, and it will pass the sniffer.

And everyone needs to try to save the under hood stickers that state "NON-CATALYST"!!!!!!!! [/b]


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