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Speaking of 2nd gen alts, mine is still ok after its 'one wire incident'. I also installed one in my friend's REPU. His was running so poorly at idle that the headlights would always dim and the engine would cough and sputter and die quite often (dellorto carb + idle RPM = lumpy idle) and his brake lights would always cause the headlights to dim at any RPM. We tried two different voltage regualtors and it didn't cure the problem. The solution? Upgrade to an internally regulated alt so he can enjoy the same benefits as I have for the past 4 or 5 years since I upgraded mine. Now his idle is better (still lumpy) and the brake lights don't make the headlights dim at all. Really low idle causes the voltage to drop below 14, but that's still much better than 12V- he was getting before. A worthwhile upgrade in my opinion.


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