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hi, ya'll. i've been reading the board for a couple of days cause it loks like sat i am going to be gettin a repu. i was at a junkyard looking for bodies to drop an lt1 that i have sittin around in, and came across a repu. not exactly sure what year. bodies in good shape, and it runs. only 600 bucks. i'm gonna jump on 'dat.

anyway, thanks jeff20b for the info. this is definetly something i am gonna do as soon as i can afford it. cause i'm just getting into the rotary, i don't have any parts laying around. the cheapest i found a j109 for new was 117 and used 60 bucks. and a dizzy for like 150 or so. so i would really like to having to buy 3 j109s. 330 is a lot to me.


i read about the hei control modules. how about this:


they make an upgrade hei system. modules are more expensive than stockers, but:

"The Flame-Thrower module develops 67% more energy than an OEM module and when teamed up
with the Flame-Thrower high performance coil
operates misfire free to a minimum of 7500 RPM.
(For HEI distributors with 4 pin modules only.) "

i know this says to use their coil, but i think a blaster 2 or 3 would work the same. also they have a "race" version of the module:

"The specially designed 7.2 amp module and 50,000 volt coil produce 42% more energy in the coil with a 46% faster spark breakdown time allowing 48% more peak current to reach the spark plugs between 6000 and 8500 RPM compared to the PerTronix street/strip HEI. "

53 bucks apiece, but better(?) than the hundred dollar j109, and brand new for less than a used j109.

since i'm so new to this, anyone want to tell me why these won't work? it does say in the page that their dizzy is good to 7500 rpm. but is that limit set by the dizzy itself, or the contol module?

also, while i'm here. what headers do you use? i saw on mazdatrix, they hav dual outlet and single. there is a diffenrent single outlet for the repu, but they don't mention a diff model for the duals. will the duals work ok? what is the benefit of the dual outlet over the single?

ok, enough for now. i almost want to buy the modules now, but i think i would be smart to get the vehivle in my name first!!



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