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Dug up that old thread about the 4x4 REPU. i think rotary is great for it, since they used to win that stadium truck racing when it first came out long ago (80's). The mazda team would just kick the crap out of the toys, nissans and jeeps that used to race in that class. I thought they were the b2000 with pistons but most were using the rotary. Without reading too much about it, I just noticed that everytime the rotary would blast by the comp, the comp would have to put up with the fat ass flame that came out the rear of the mazda trucks...That ain't no piston breathin that out! Then they got outlawed like all the other classes that rotaries just took over. Piston people hate it when they get slapped by something that is half the size and twice the energy.

Torque people complain about the lack of low end rotary torque but they are wanting v8 torque. Just like jeff20b said in that thread...at idle there is no torque but that is what gearing is for. ALL the drags with street cars in the past started with loosing across the intersection but no way in hell chance that even a small block would keep up with my stinky rotary coupes. The truck is even heavy as hell and goes faster when you load it down more. I think piston people live below 4g RPM and we don't.

Enough rambling...lets go get an old bronco and toss that weak ass motor and trans outta there...we'll keep the rear end though!

have a nice day...


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