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Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 13:25:16 PDT

I had a buddy with a Lotus Europa with a Rotary. I installed a 13B in a
Triumph Spitfire for a guy. Dunno if he ever finished it or not. I also put a
13B in a Datsun 510 for an autocross car. That guy ran out of money, sold the
car, and the guy who bought it built a full tube chassis for it and runs it
in SCCA roadracing in Super Production.


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> ...too bad it's not a rare old rotary Mazda! Hey, while you guys are
> dreaming of rotary conversions, why not something that'll REALLY
> handle--like a rotary lotus? Light weight, rigid 'backbone' frame,
> legendary suspension... sound good yet? I know there's folks dropping
> rotaries into Porsche 914's, beefing those up with other Porsche
> suspension, brake, and body components... but then, these wouldn't be
> sleepers so much as go-karts... hey, what about little old convertibles
> like the Fiat 124 spyder, or the old Datsun roadsters if you wanna stay all
> Japanese? Aw heck, let's just find every old 808 we can, and start building
> our own rx-3's from those!

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