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Its interesting about the differences between the trucks. I know of no one around here who has one of these trucks so I can't offer much. When I took the truck to the dealer I was introduced to the rotary mechanic. One of the first sentences he said was "I bet its yellow". I think the majority of them were that color. I have no brake problems yet, although I remember that the previous owner said back in the 80's he had a problem and I think it was the master cylinder that had to be replaced. The muffler and exhaust is intact with all the heat shields in place. By the factory chrome tip, I assume you mean the part that the exhaust exits and yes it is there. As soon as I get some time I will buy a digital camera and take a bunch of pix and put em up on the gallery. For REPUGURU, yes MAZDA and automobiles is printed on both sides of the oil filler on the engine housing. One more thing, I have the dealer invoice that was attached to the window and the total price was $4620.00 dated 6-14-77. The sales
 invoice grand total was $5055.60 dated 6-13-78.


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