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Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 10:47:18 PDT

78-80 RX-7s have the shifter in the same location as the early tranny. 81 on
has the shifter moved rearward, which requies modification to the tranny

81 on has cats, pre 81 used thermal reactors. All models use air pumps.

IMHO, the 76 RX-4 tranny, or 76 RX-3 tranny is the best for street use, with
77-78 RX-3 a close third. RX-7 trannys have a weak input shaft that can snap
under hard use. If you aren't abusing the things, 78-80 RX-7 gearboxes are


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> Rotor,
> Should I just score a junker rx-7 for parts?
> I.e 5spd trans and bits?
> What would be a good year model to look for?
> at the city tow auction in the cuty I see a lot of crappy rx-7s going
> cheap.
> Thanks, Bill

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