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 Actually there are alot of differences in things like the wiring harness the seat belts and the motor.

 As far as I know the 77 got the 77 13b engine. The 74-76's got the 74 13b motor. REPUjeff see if Mazda is spelled in the new logo style on the housings on either side of your oil filler tower. Who has a 76 truck in here to verify this? What happend to RiggerGods truck? It was a clean 76 but he sold it to someone?
 The 76's do come close to being wired the same as the 77. Swiches and relays under the dash as well as under the hood on the motor make these two years close.
 The 76 and 77 also have retractable seat belts wired with motion sensors to detect a sudden change in frontal motion. Its a pedulum that swings foward and activates a lock on the belt to restrain you when your truck stops abruptly. Like when you strike something
 But when you get down to it they all have different systems. The 75's have that little light over on the left side of the gauge panel that has someting to do with exhaust temps.


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