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Ya i knew about the inner KM band. I think they might have done it because they finally figured it out that the trucks were making it into canada. Canada used KM/h i am pretty sure???? Any ways ya the difference in the 77 cab is the back is bubbled out adn not flanged like the earlier 74-76 trucks. Mine is a 74 so now we know there are at least 2 realy good stock examples of both early and old style trucks, mine and yours. Its kinda weird it seems that all the realy clean stock repu's are usualy yellow. I think it might be because the paint held up better? who knows, its just kinda weird. But repujef, how are the brakes on your truck? I had problems with my wheel cylenders starting to leak. I think they are just going to start to do that after 27 years, whether driven or not. also do you have any pics of under your hood? and how is your main muffler setion in the exhaust, and do you still have the factory chrome tip?



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