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Member List
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How do I register?
Registration on this board is free! You must sign up as a member to take advantage of all the features that this board has to offer such as Instant Messaging, Private Messaging, Posting, and more!

What are the Smilies code?

Smiley Code

What are the BB codes for this board?

SWF BB Code Format:
[swf width=244 height=39]http://www.bbhacks.com/swf/td1.swf[/swf]

IMG BB Code Format:

Quote BB Code Format:
[quote]This board is cool![/quote]

Email BB Code Format:

URL BB Code Format:

Bold BB Code Format:

Italics BB Code Format:

Underline BB Code Format:

What is member listing?
Member listing enables you to find who is registered and listings are organized alphabetically by username, by post, and by date registered.

How do I peform a search?
Searches are peformed using standard boolean format. Listed below is what you can use to narrow down your searches:

Seperate words with "AND" to include all words in the query.
Seperate words with "OR" to include either words in the query.
Seperate words with "NOT" to exclude words in the query.
Seperate words with " " (spaces) will include either words in the query.

How do I recover lost passwords?
Lost passwords can be retrieved by typing in the email address you registered with, and the password will be mailed in a few seconds. It is your job to keep track with your password, not the moderator's job!

What are the icons suppose to mean?
Icons are used through out the site, mainly on the threads/posts. These icons reflect the mood of the post. The other type of icons are folder icons which some times can show new, old, or hot threads.

What are avatars?
Avatars is a term which is simply a picture that will be in your profile. This enables one to simply look at an avatar and instantly recongnizes who is posting without looking at the username.

Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging enables members to send an "IM" to another user quickly. The message will arrive to other user within seconds as a popup. This means that the other user must have JAVA Script enabled. When the star beside the username is listed in the Who's Online part of the board, you can click on it to send the user an IM. Note: The Who's Online delays 10 mins after a user goes offline before marking the user as offline. You may send an IM, but if the user is offline, he will recieve the IM the next time he login.

Private Messaging
Private Messaging enables members to send a "PM" to another user quickly. When the user views the main index page of the board, the new PM icon will light up when a new PM messages is in the PM box. You can create unlimited folders to sort your PM messages.

How do I modify Profile/Preferences?
Throughout the entire board, there are links to modify your profile and preferences. These options allow you to customize the way you surf across the board to your preferences. Also, you can modify your profile at the same time.

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