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4 speed, 5 speed, or auto... and how can you be sure it's not out of a Cosmo or rx-4...if it's a ribcase...(some had different gearing...) ? Sorry, still no digital camera...and I sold my stock rims to Neal w./ my blue '74...perhaps he can help you out w./ pix...? Stock steel rims 14x 5.5, I think... pretty standard looking offset...tho to go wider we need wheels offset to the inside more than most. Mitsubishi 15x7 pathfinder steels work well... with a 205 to 225/65 tire you should approximate the original height of the stock Bridgestone skyways. On a stock (or similar courier steel rim) you can run a 195, perhaps 205/14 70 series with no rubs--depending on the tire. Tires do vary within sizes by manufacturer and style!
I'm running a "standard" (too far to the outside) offset 15x7 steel rim with 205/60's on my un-lowered driver... with no great speedo/gear problems...but that truck has a '79 rx-7 5-speed in it...
Oh yeah--just look in the gallery at the REPU brochure for a peek at stock steels! :), K.


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