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I recently addressed rust problems in the REPU's bed and cab. For the bed interior I used 1.5 gallons of paint stripper and stripped 80% of the paint out of the bed. Used Black and decker 4.5" angle grinder with a knot wire wheel to get the remaining 20% off, and get rid of stubborn rust. Then I used Por-15 Marine Clean to clean it, Por-15 Metal Ready to remove and stabilize rust, leave behind a phosphate coating that prevents rust. Then 2 coats of Por-15 Silver paint. Then 2 coats of Por-15 Top Coat primer. All in all took 38 hours and I have not even painted the bed yet.

Did the same with the cab interior, but mostly for the rear half of the cab plus the drain holes and kick panels in the front of the cab which had rust. Took about 8 hours including 2 coats of paint, and skipped the primer part: just sprayed paint right on the Por-15.

Be sure to wear a respirator, rubber gloves, and saftey goggles. Get a box of shop towels for wipe down. And lots of Patience.


I'll post pictures once they're developed.


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