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[quote]Weren't all mirrors 'aftermarket' dealer-installed options on the REPU?
At least the passenger side? What else would account for the three different (apparently) stock options seen on REPU's? Is it possible some came with the little "m" and others did not?

They came off the boats from japan with 1, yes you read write, one drivers round mirror. They had the small smooth leader M for mazda on them. Most of the dealers removed the single round mirrors and replaced them with the towing mirrors as dealer option. They used it as a sales aid,"if you buy it today we will throw in a set of towing mirrors." Hahah. any ways you since most were removed and probably thrown away they are kinda hard to come by. I have 2 trucks that have them and had never had the towing mirrors installed. then I found one on a curriur once, even had the M stamped on it. weird. So there is your guys history lesson on the mirrors.



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