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...just imagine 'fluid' nubs all over, for example. The biggest challenge is how it'll interface w./ the lever--several options to consider there, from building in threads in the glass (problematic), to creating/adding an insert that epoxies into the glass (doable), to simply leaving an adequate-size hole that allows the owner to adapt to their liking (simplest).
Other than that, it'd be a question of favored size and shape, not to mention which of a zillion decorative options are preferred...
Price-point would likely be running somewhere between $50 & $100 for what I'm thinking... but of course, sky's the limit if'n ya wanna get real elaborate... (I do have experience working with dichroic glass inclusions in solids, for example...)
For those of you who aren't familiar, dichroic coatings are the sparkly stuff (tho spendy to work with) us glass guys use for snazzy effects... developed for NASA originally, they've become a staple in the glass art world--and the latest even feature color-changing properties when viewed at certain angles to the light!


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