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I bet a 3 row core upgraded 79-82 rx7 radiator would work well. 3 row since that's what the REPU came with and it flows and holds more water. 79-82 since those were the short style radiators with oil cooler under radiator.

Mounting holes might not match up but that can be fixed.

REPU radiator has mounting holes in the bottom of it for the OIL cooler to bolt too. 1st gens don't mount the same way but something could be fabbed to work.

Just trying to help out. If need be just measure your radiator and buy a Howe or Griffin same size from Summitracing.com

I used JB Weld to plug a big hole in the core of my 81 rx7-s radiator. Never leaked. Had it rigged like that for 1.5 years. Plugged the low coolent sensor in the top of a radiator with a 1/2" NPT plug and JB Weld. Never backed out.


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