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DPassmore, I hope this thread can shed some light on our situation.

20wannaB, yeah, I've checked them all and they're not great, but decent. I've replaced the bushings in the idler arm which helped a little, and the centerlink and tie rods seem to be pretty tight. The main problem seems to be the box itself. When the truck is on a level surface and I'm standing outside and looking at the driver's tire for movement, I can rotate the steering wheel several inches each direction before it'll move the tires. I'm nearly 100% convinced that the problem lies in the box itself.

I could do a little exploratory searching (surgery) inside the box when the weather gets better. It looks like four bolts and the large nut need to be removed in order to gain access inside the box. I wonder if the repuguru has a pic of the steering gear anywhere? I'm gonna go check...


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