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Who here has sloppy steering? Well, I certainly do!

My REPU is hurting in the steering department. I nearly sideswiped a guardrail after installing a set of wide tires. I had to go back to the skinnies because they have less grip (man this sucks!).

Thanks to Mazda's recirculating ball steering and lots of miles, my REPU has what quite a few RX-7 drivers have come to call "wonder steering".

This thread will be about how to remove excessive play in the steering wheel. Since I'm not sure how to fiddle with the steering box inards, I'm hoping to generate some interest from others and get some info on how to do it.

I've already adjusted the little bolt/nut on top of the steering box which only seemed to get rid of some of the play for only a short time. It came right back soon after.

I've read "Steering Gear Restoration By Bobrx-7" [url]http://www.mazspeed.com/steeringgear.htm[/url] but am a little scared to treat my box like an RX-7 box. There seem to be too many risks.

My friend's REPU has tight steering that's always been tight for as long as I can remember (since early '96). I know tighter steering on an REPU is possible, but I don't know how to do it. Has anyone succesfully tightened their steering box before? Any info is highly appreciated!


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