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Thanks for the link.

I may need to get some new shocks because the ones I got earlier this year only helped a little. I've got '77 front springs on my '74 REPU and some of use know the '77 was 100LBS heavier according to the driver's door plaque. The reason why I used '77 springs is because they were cut two inches and I wanted to save my '74s incase I ever need to return to stock height again. Anyway, the ride has always been very harsh compared to friends' lowered/stock height trucks with decent shocks (KYB, etc). Installing those cheap Munro or whatever "parts house special" shocks inproved the ride only somewhat over the dead shocks it used to have. My question is for you guys who're using Tokicos with lowered springs or stock height. Do you think it'll improve the ride quality so I won't need a kidney belt to drive my REPU anymore? TIA


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