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REPU with header is in FSP. I just asked solo2.com this and will race this sunday. Rx4 and other mini trucks are in same class so it makes sense. Truck class is wide open so it's a money class. What can be done to get a REPU handle?

What good shocks are out there?


[quote]...seriously, tho-- here our local club, the EESCC -Emerald Empire Sports Car Club-- has an 'unofficial' class for Sport Truck...otherwise I'd have to try to sneak it into CSP, based on the header... the cool thing about Sport Truck is it's wide open for mods! Had I known ballast was also legal, that full-size 4-plus litre Dodge w./ the LSD and 300 lbs of sand in his bed wouldn't have beat me by less than a second! My biggest issue: keeping the back connected and not over-driving the tight course--2nd gear all the way!!! Next time, I'll be slightly more prepared...right now I'm still running in un(derp)-repaired class...[/quote]


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