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Brad, I got lots of parts, but c'mon, we are all looking for tail lights and tail light trim rings, grills (I have 4 perfect sets, less 1 R/H headlight trim), and valances. So sorry, I have not htose parts for you....yet.

I have three trucks (+ one on the way), with 8 good tail lights and 7 good trim rings. I have two decent valances with one that is BTS. So for the hot, sought-after parts, I guess I have nothing yet to spare. I am waiting to pick up the last truck in a week or so, and I don't yet know what it will bring as I have not seen it yet, but the owner says it is a great shape truck(+ it's free). I am keeping only two complete trucks, so what I don't need is up for sale. So if you want something, I guess its best to ask anyway, cause I may have it....or will have it.


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