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tom, my 74 came with racing beat road race headers (dual outlet, not merged) into dual 1.75" pipes, then four foot long dual glasspacks. the glasspacks are real long and put as rearward as possible. merge together into a 2" or so pipe, up and over axel into a cheap turbo muffler of some sort. it sounds good, u know it's got a rotary engine if u know what i mean. but not loud and not unbearable. but i AM glad i got a rx7 5 speed with a tall 5th gear to go along with the 4.62 diff gears. that 5th gear helps keep revs and thus noise down at freeway speeds! glasspacks are rusty on outside, can't say if they 'burned out' like everyone says they do on rotary, but the truck DOES sound good. nice compromise between hp, noise, price. lots cheaper than the racing beat dual presilencers!!


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