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Haha, every time I think this thread is dead it comes back. On a related note, what does everybody call the truck when they go to the DMV to get it registered or to Checker to get a brake rebuild kit or something? I was at Midas to get a cat for it just so I would pass emissions. When he asked what it was I told him it is a '74 Mazda rotary pick-up. Then he asked if it is a b1600 or what. I convinced him that a new entry was needed for REPU in the computer. When I finally went down to get it titled the person giving the inspection asked what it was, I told her rotary engine pick-up. I dont know what happened after that but my new title says make, model and body style are Mazda, Rotar, PU. I just hope that doesnt ever cause me problems in the future. The inspector asked me if it is really slow because it doesnt have any pistons, lol.


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