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I rigged up some solid motor mounts in my truck yesterday. They consist of a stack of large washers, a metric stud of sufficient length and stength (which I hacksawed to the proper length), and one rubber pad for each side which lays between the top washer and the angled ends of the front cover mount. Some careful measurements and a couple nuts and lockwashers and I was done.

Have I ever complained about the vibrations my engine produces here before? Well, they're way more pronounced now. Yes, my truck's engine has an imbalance probably caused by the old REPU flywheel or something. It has always vibrated. At idle it was barely detectable, but at higher RPM (from 3k up), the engine felt very bad. After going with solid mounts, the vibrations are way worse and pretty anoying. Idle still isn't that bad, but certain RPMs just above idle seem to resonate in such a way as to cause me to try to get above them, or stay below them, which in traffic, isn't always practical. Forget about towing. Either way, the lack of slop is still a welcome improvement.

If my engine was better built, it wouldn't have those vibrations. I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep the solid mounts in there. I may just get a decent used set of motor mounts after I get a new oil line. No sense getting them before the oil line though, since the driver's side one will just get soaked again. Anyway, the solid mounts will probably go in my MG since any side to side movement is bad for the oil pan in that car (it hits the frame on both sides and warps it enough to let oil seep out). I'll try to rig up a torque brace on top of the truck's engine kinda like RB's. It will give the engine a triangle of support (top and two lower sides). The MG will probably be ok with just two mounts since it won't be producing anywhere near 200HP (I don't recommend going over 200HP with a front cover mount), and it's already sort of solidly mounted, what with the pan-on-frame and all.

Just updating my motor mount situation and throwing ideas out there.


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