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Im selling an old slightly beatup mazda b2000

i know this post really dont belong here but this was the closest thing i could find to a mazda truck forum

if anyone wants to know my credibility you can check me out on the rx7club forum my name there is the same and im mostly in the first gen section

here are soem quick specs on the truck,
if anyone wants pictures let me know and i will upload some

the truck is an se5 with the long bed
it is primered black with burgandy interior
the truck has the bench style seat and a rear sliding glass window
the truck runs excellent and the odometer reads less then 80,000 miles
5 speed manual tranny
new rear u-joint and its now greasable and replacable
also i can refer the buyer to where i got it done if they need anymore done in the future
the truck sat for some years before i got it then i did some work to it and got it back up and running,
now it fires up in just a second of flipping the key

the truck has a holley two barrel carburator that is brand new not even a month old and can be swapped directly out for a weber 32/36 dgev if wanted

the original car secondaries where seized shut so instead of trying to find an old working carb i bought a brand new holley and adapter plate
the holley setup cost me $250.00

and all im asking for the truck in excellent running condition is .....


thanks for looking


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