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I did my system with a RB road race head section out to a single 3-chamber Flow Master. Then after converted to a true dual w/the RB silencers, sounded sweet and great power! I don't recommend going with anything bigger than 2.5" for a single system or 2" for duals. Increase in exhaust diameter can actually rob power. Your system should be balance and maximized for it's situaltion. A brief on system length and set-up is in the RB catalog and you can peep out MazdaTrix' website (http://www.mazdatrix.com/e1.htm) for a web version.

If you want the complete old-school look I'd go with dual Super Turbos (Dyno-Max) out the back on the same side. If you plan to run a true dual set-up it's gonna cost a bit more. I believe you can get cherry bombs or something put in to quiet it down but DO NOT expect them to last, mufflers either. Rotary exhaust temps get significantly higher than pissed ons and will break down even stainless innards like Flow Masters and such, after they have eaten your cat(s) or pre-silencer(s). The Prima-Flow's from RB or MazdaTrix are by far the best but $$$ too.



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