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Well Guys,

Heres's where I am at so far, I think am going to take em all. I figure I can always let them go. But it is a lot harder to get them, or at least that is what I have heard.
Since I am a Mazda hunter, I do know a few tricks to aquiring what I seek. One of my techniques is to use other people (non-rotorheads of course) to search for
me. I have an army of people that I use to find my rex's, and I harnessed them to search for REPU's as well. Within a week I had four located, and three were for
sale upon asking, one was not. Since none are publicly for sale, I can take my time getting them.

All less the 76 are completely intact, that is they have ALL their parts. grills, motors trannies, ect. None have ever been wrecked. The 77 rust (surface only) bucket
will be restored, the 75 driver has only 80K original miles and is still owned by the original owner, an 80 year old man. It runs like a top. The 76 parts truck I think
will get the spare TII engine I have since it is missing the engine/tranny anyway and that way I will not feel guilty by modifying the unit.

My 77 has the motor just about done, and I think I wll yank the cab and do the frame before I snap it back together.

I will probably sell off a 77 and keep the other 77, the 75, and of course the 76 REPU Turbo. I figure I can get the three for $1600. I was just asking for opinions
on what a decent running REPU should be worth. I need to guage my labor and how much I put into them. These things are a snap to work on compared to a 2nd
gen. Rex.

I will keep seeking them, and will of course offer what I don't need to you all. I think half the time the hunt is as much fun as working on them. I do the same with
Rex's, I sometimes get two to three in a week, but I can only work one at a time. The wife sometimes gets on me when I fill the hangar with more cars than I can
work. But you can't always time the deals to your schedule


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