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A New Post has Been with the Subject: [please help me valuations.]
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Ok, Here's the deal. I am an RX7 rotary guy. I have been rebuilding and selling Rx7's for several years. I get a few in each month, replace engines, etc, and sell them off. Kind of a hobby/business....

I found a 1977 REPU a month or so ago, fully intact and in nice condition. Paid $300.00 for it, and am now working on restoring it for the hobby side of me.

As I do with all my interests, I search out more info and parts, and now I have found 3 more REPU's that I can aquire at a very cheap price.

I found another 77, basically a surface rust bucket, fully intact for $200.00.

I found a decent body 76, no hood,motor, tranny, weathered interior for $100.00 and,

I found a 75 runner, with a rusty bed, for $1500.00.

The question I have is: What are these really worth, and in what condition?

I guesss one side of me says "take them all" and decide later, and the other side of me sas "take the one you want" .

Oh', what to do?


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