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The short answer is "yes, you can do this." I took the harness completely out of my Rx-2 when I restored it. I reused a lot of the original, and tried to maintain the color codes. It was a great chance to repair corroded conx. and grounds.
I also wired in extra circuits, for lights, audio, etc.
So plan for these when you do your Repu.
Ron Francis Wire Works, is great if you want to replace it all, but a little more costly.
I'm intending to do this same thing in my 76 Cosmo, and I'm probably going to try to put in the stock 2nd gen. FI and six port set-up. I want to use the stock engine harness, but it will involve integration with the chassis harness.
The Repu by itself is fairly straight forward, the trick is understanding the FI, 6 port wiring. Get a good (ie Mazda) wiring diagram, and plot the whole thing before you start.
A local guy put an 87 13b in his 74 Repu, but it took him 6 mos. working on weekends and nights.
Take your time, and document everything.
Let me know how it goes!


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