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Date: Mon Oct 28 2002 - 09:17:19 PST

Just 1 more thing to add, not that it matters but would be nice. Putting
you tag in your posts would be excellent!(!!!!!!!) ahahaha just kidding.
I'm sure there are a few kats out there other than myself who get these
posts on their email and not off the website so it comes text only with no
tag [i.e. -Frank (Yellow '76) or -Joe (Pink '75)]. If you guys could add
that in there it would be great 'cause the only thing I see as far as sender
goes is:

Thanks guys,
(Red '74)
(White '74)
(Maroon '85 GSL-SE)
(Yellow '04, coming soon!)

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First off, turn your caps off! IT IS LIKE YELLING!

Second, there is no need to put five-hundred '!' at the end of your subject
line, it will be read, just like the rest.

Third, Where are you located, it will help quite a bit if the seller knows
where their buyer is.

Fourth off, did I mention to turn your CAPS OFF!? :)

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